Runner - Short *Sold in Pairs*


System Size
Hollow Radius
The short rocker size allows for maximum agility. Tighter turns and extraordinary maneuverability.

Lighter, Faster, Stronger.

  • The Runner is the key technology of the t-blade system. We embed our high-strength ultra-durable polished stainless steel strip into our proprietary - temperature & impact resistant - fiberglass reinforced plastic. Due to the small mass of metal, each runner has a minimized weight and heats more rapidly. Reaching temperatures 5 °C hotter than traditional blades, our Runners reduce friction by 40% providing superior glide. Our high strength alloy stays sharper longer and when the Runner is worn out it can be quickly changed.

    • Lightweight (5g) = Hotter (5 °C) = 40% less friction
    • Superior maneuverability
    • Excellent gliding characteristics
    • Up to 4 times longer life than conventional blade sharpening
    • Constant gliding surface length / rocker form
    • Increased cornering speed
    • Fast runner replacement
    • No edge sharpening
    • Fracture-resistant
  • The t-blade runner is available in 18 variants.

    A deeper hollow profile [9,11] achieves a sharper edge, while a shallower profile [15,18], provide better gliding capability. 

    Colors: White or Black (black may not be available in all sizes)

    Sold as a pair

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