T-Blade Holder Installation Kit


This kit contains everything you need to properly install a t-blade holder to virtually any skate sole.

Using the RMS nut system for installing your t blade system has the advantage of easy exchange of holders as opposed to rivets, which need to be cut-off and redone using special equipment. With the RMS nut system, a turn of a screwdriver is all that is needed to replace your holder with a new one.

Kit includes

  • Universal wrench with storage compartment in handle
  • RMS nut puller for setting the nuts into the skate sole
  • Long and short T20 bit inserts for installation
  • 14 short T20 screws for the front area
  • 12 long T20 screws for the back area
  • 26 RMS Nuts
  • Storage Pouch
  • Watch our installation video on Youtube for step by step instructions

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