Carbon Holder *Sold in Pairs*


  • Holder made of our advanced carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

    Cold impact resistant and chip fracture safe up to -13 °F (-25 °C).

    Trapezoidal link between Runner and Holder ensures a play-free fit to maximize large acceleration and cornering lateral forces.

    Closed construction between front and heel area supports the optimal kneepoint lead angle of the blade system user.

    Extreme stability due to the triangle forces construction improves stiffness of skate outsole and minimizes axial bending forces in the central area of the skate boot.

    Engineered for maximum shear and longitudinal force stability so you can out manuever and outplay your opponents.

  • Carbon system: 248 mm, 256 mm, 264 mm, 272 mm, 280 mm, 288 mm, 300mm

  • At the screw points in the Holder there are small wells which are adapted to receive the retaining washers of stabilizer screws.

    Faulty installation of stabilizers inevitably leads to a loss of stability of the Runner and increases damage of the plastic lock washers.

    The Holder can be fitted to the shoe via rivets or to RMS connection via the holes provided on the sole border.

    At the rear of the Holder, the contour has an opening for the t-blade Clip.

    REMEMBER: The Holder has reached its maximum rigidity and operational reliability only in composite of all system components.


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